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Did you know that whenever you edit your post, WordPress makes yet another revision of your post and stores it in your database? As you use your WordPress website longer and longer, your database gets more and more clogged. And that is just not fair, right? But that’s not the only thing that clogs your database… There are unapproved and spam comments, even the deleted comments and posts, and much more. But, don’t worry! KleenPress is there to solve that issue for you… On auto-pilot!

Features include:

  • Removes old post revisions, auto-draft and trashed posts,
  • Removes unapproved, trashed and spam comments and cleans Askimet’s litter,
  • Removes useless metadata from comments,
  • Prevents trackbacks (optional),
  • Prevents commenting (optional),
  • Overview of your database and optimization possibilities,
  • Removes impermanent and transient options from your database,
  • Automatic Clean-up,
  • Compatible with WordPress 4.9.8,
  • Great user interface & security,
  • Optimized for Mobile devices,
  • All that on auto-pilot (optional)!

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